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About Me

I'm a problem solver who loves a good challenge. I currently work for a new startup called Evstry who's goal is to make event registration and gifting as easy as possible. I am originally from Waterloo, Ontario but moved to Ottawa for post-secondary education where I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Master of Science in 2022 (yes, not design). I transitioned to UX in the summer of 2022 as my passion lies with translating complex information to more digestible information for the everyday user with simple yet effective design.

Outside of work, I love to travel and explore new places, I love to bake, and instruct spin classes at a local studio in Waterloo!

🎉 Outside of Work



I love to explore new places both locally and internationally. My first flight ever was when I was 6 weeks old and I try and see something new once a year! This photo was taken on my last trip to South Africa.


One of the only things I can bake well is macarons. My best friend has celiac disease so when I was younger I wanted to make something she could eat for her birthday. Ever since I have been making these for all my friends and family!


I started taking spin classes in my Master's as a way to improve my mental health and connect with a broader community. Three years later and I now teach spin classes at a local studio in Waterloo- it is one of my side passions and usually a highlight of my week.
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